Ariella Ganz grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and made Aliyah in 2005. She has studied at the women’s Beit Midrash in Migdal Oz and at Machon Herzog.
From a young age, Ariella found herself on stage and involved in theater, and even after Aliyah has made it a priority to participate in local and professional productions.  She played the important role of Mahla in the Raise Your Spirits Theatre production, "SISTERS! The Daughters of Tzelofchad."  

Ariella is a certified yoga instructor, life coach, and Kallah teacher, and is also currently studying to become a yoga therapist.  She brings a unique voice to the field based on her own medical issues and religious perspective. Ariella teaches in her home studio as well as in the local women’s gym and elderly center.When she isn’t teaching or studying, Ariella can be found enjoying nature with her family and dog.

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