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LOVED THE SHOW LAST NIGHT! I laughed and cried.  It was wonderful!

  • Gila Manolson, Inspirational speaker, author of The Magic Touch: A Jewish Approach to Relationships and other books


The show was amazing, a huge yasher koach!!

Great ,hysterical, very touching and wonderful musical entertainment. Very worthwhile to attend!

  • Anita Tucker, Netzer Hazani, replanted from Gush Katif


I’m a kalla teacher… and I’ve dealt with many situations of women who have gone to the mikva, older women, younger women…and this show was amazing, and highlighted so many aspect of the experience. It’s a must see for everyone.

  • Channah Males Appel, Project coordinator at AISH, Cleveland, Ohio

It's something that's long overdue and Baruch Hashem that it's available now. I think it's important to bring balaniot to see this and to know what's in a woman's heart and develop a relationship with a woman so that a woman can speak to her before she comes [if she has a special issue].

  • Bella Rubashkin, Crown Heights, New York

I have experience with the mikva in Johannesburg, and I just want to say to you ladies and producers and whoever is involved in this fantastic show, this show has demystified [mikva] and made it so normal, we all creep around on a Friday night and make excuses...and you've made it so normal because there is a privacy about it, as we know it should be, but you've made it such a happy, positive, shared experience that bonds us, and your voices are just unbelievable, and you shine...and Michele, I think you are so brave, to tell your story and to put your challenges out there, it's so thank you very much.

  • Audience member speaking after a performance


This is really fabulous and special and it's wonderful if you are able to get it around the world. Your story about taking the mother and mother-in-law to the mikva -- as a ba'alat teshuva, I also took my mother to the mikva.

  • Audience member speaking after a performance

I so much enjoyed the performance "Mikva the Musical".   I highly recommend it...It was a wonderful performance.   Speaking to the younger generation in my family I realize how things have changed in the Mikva world - of course for the better.   Thank you.  Be well, and may you have the "koach" to  carry on with all your communal activities.   

Thank you, 

  • Violet Sulzbacher.

The play was simply outstanding! Very thought provoking, funny and touching. Yashar Koach!!!

  • Lisa Goldenhersh

I just came back from your  wonderful performance in Har Nof. Here are a few things I wanted to share. The artists involved are so incredibly talented and first rate. A special  recognition to Michele, who in addition to tremendous talent, shared her own personal story, which takes tremendous guts. She also wrote and delivered the best line in the show -- 'No woman I know is called Chananya.' I also related to the song 'Nothing' and the feeling shared that mikva is not always or often an obvious spiritual experience. Having this validated is nice.

  • RBS

I was just at a fundraiser performance last night and was BLOWN AWAY by the brilliance! 

  • Forwarded anonymously 


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