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                                 Sept. 26 (Succot) in Jerusalem

I really want to write this to all of you who were involved in last night’s production. 

I just wanted to say what a wonderful evening it was and how enjoyable and thought- provoking I found it. I’m not F.F.B. ["frum from birth] but do really value my monthly mikveh experience. (For so many reasons.) 

Thank you for bringing it to the forefront of my mind again in a new way. 

I wish you all a huge amount of success with this production and hope you get to perform it many times over in many places. 

I'd like to add that apart from being a wonderful evening (for so many reasons) I would be happy to sign any petition concerning making it mandatory for mikva'ot to be accessible to all.


All the best, 

  • Anonymous, Canada


The monologue on infertility was excellent and moving.  The song made it even more meaningful.  Rachel's Blessings was very special.

  • Anonymous


I was very moved by Michele's stories, infertility, and the abused wife.  I liked very much the OCD piece (so real! I am an OB/GYN and have met/seen some).  It is well done with the proper dose of realism and humor.

     I liked very much how the music interacts and underlines the dialogue.  Very cute Hebrew songs!

     This was an amazing experience.  So very human.  Very professional, excellent quality show on top of it.

  • Dr Hava-Yael Schreiber


Loved it. Music was wonderful.  Very artistic.  I think you should bring it to NY, LA, FL.  I have never gone to a mikva – so enlightening.

  • Anonymous

Last night's performance was so moving , inspiring and funny , so many emotions in the space of two hours! And done so professionally and well. I related to many of the vignettes, especially the Aruba story. I had a similar experience on vacation at an island , with only my husband to assist on a dark beach . My worst fear was that my assistant would drop my bathing suit after I handed it to him or it would float away into the ocean! You really handled the sensitive subject so well- and I was particular proud of my niece Sara Landman . Thank you for enhancing my Chag!

  • M Zinberg 

It was powerful, it was moving, it was real, and the style in which you did it was terrific, and apt and appropriate. Yashar koach you have a lot to be proud of.

  • Rebecca Kowalsky, photographer 

I am honored to have filmed a masterful performance with potential to deeply touch lives. Kol hakavod!

  • Heather Gelb, videographer and yoga teacher, Alon Shvut

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