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Previous Performances

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Premiere at the home of Laya and Alan Lurie, Katamon, Jerusalem


Succot, 2018 performance at the home of Professor Carl and Fayge Posy, Baka, Jerusalem


Dinner theater performance at Pat Bamelach restaurant, Efrat, October 2018


March, 2019 performance sponsored by the Eden Center to benefit their programs on mikva

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January, 2019 performance sponsored by Nishmat to benefit their Yoetzet Halacha (halachic advisor) program

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On June 3, 2019, the cast gave a volunteer performance in Kiryat Gat to contribute to the repair of a mikva that was severely damaged by a rocket from Gaza on

May 4, 2019.

Cast and crew ta da after Lawrence.jpg

Cast, musician and co-creators in Lawrence, NY
Photo by Rivka Lock

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