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October 2 at Pat Bamelach restaurant in Efrat

Loved it! Kol hakavod to all! I cried, I laughed and I thought and remembered.

  • Cheryl Mandel, Alon Shvut


Fabulous evening! A rockin’ success!

  • Fayge Bedell, Efrat

It was terrific tonight. Thank you for such an enjoyable evening. While I expected to laugh and enjoy, I was blown away by the depths of emotions conveyed in the performance. Thank you.

  • Chavi Eisenberg, Neve Daniel


Wow! You blew me away! The script. The actresses. The music. The performances. This was beyond amazing. So many moving stories. And funny stories. Left me with a lot to think about. Also made me review my own life and think how I related to similar situations. Thank you for a beautiful show that gave so much.

  • Shira Daniel, Doula, Efrat

Fantastic evening! Perfect balance between humorous and gut- wrenching. Love them all. Looking forward to the sequel!

  • Sara Bedein, Administrative assistant and former mikva lady, Efrat

It was a delightful and engaging  performance. Thanks for a wonderful evening, blessings for continued success.

  • Anonymous


As a yoetzet halachah, I have the privilege of encountering first hand the many different experiences women have when observing the laws of niddah. The show was remarkable in bringing a sense of that broader story to the wider community, with sensitivity and humor. I am confident that the audience left the show with a deeper understanding of other women's journeys, and inspired by the depth of commitment to this mitzvah.

  • Laurie Novick, on behalf of Efrat's Yoatzot [Halachic advisors on issues of nidda and mikva]

My family just made aliyah this summer to Efrat from West Hartford, CT. I attended the Efrat showing of Mikva the Musical. It was absolutely wonderful! The music, acting, and content were excellent. 

       Mikva has a special spot in my heart. Prior to making aliyah, I was the president of the West Hartford mikveh for four years, which was a very fulfilling and labor intensive position for me. Many of the monologues spoke to me because these topics were actually discussed during the many interviews I conducted with potential mikveh attendants during my tenure. The monologues that were especially moving to me were the abuse one, all of Michele Thaler's ones, and the infertility one. Michele is such a role model! 

       I hope you are able to bring this musical to other communities across Israel and the U.S. I know many women would enjoy it too!

       Thank you,

  • Daniella Robinson

Wow!!!! I absolutely loved the performance last night. Absolutely everything was totally on point. The monologues. The songs. The talent. They brought me to tears at so many different points, and to laughter at many others. 

Kol hakavod on a brilliant and important production.

  • Oritt Sinclair

Another stellar performance – and a wonderful audience!

  • Heather Gelb, videographer and yoga teacher, Alon Shvut

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