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The production showcases women's creativity and innermost thoughts and feelings about the most personal, intimate ritual in Jewish life - something that we all do, but hardly anyone talks about openly. It was raw, honest, funny and eye opening - all at once. Every Jewish community needs to see this production and more importantly, discuss the messages that the monologues address. "

  •  Yehudit Jessica Singer, Marketing and Public Relations, Koren Publishers, Jerusalem


This show raises important conversations about a range of aspects of going to the Mikvah. It combines the funny, mundane scenes we are all familiar with, and touching situations which show how it can be difficult and a window into somebody's real pain.

  • Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet, Founding Director of The Eden Center


I want to applaud you on a fantastic musical play. Not only was it well performed but the idea of mikva monologues was amazing. Kol hakavod. It reminded me that years ago I wanted to do something with the narratives of BRCA mutation carriers. Maybe someday I will get you interested.

  • Pnina Mor, CNM PhD (certified nurse midwife, PhD in nursing), Coordinator of the NOGA clinic in Shaarei Tzedek, for women at high risk for breast cancer


What an amazing show! (And I'm a gal who lived in Manhattan for 30 years and saw any number of off Broadway productions).

     I suddenly realize I have my own mikva story, as I'm sure everyone who sees the show will have. But for me Mikva the Musical brought to the stage the richness, messiness and humanity of every aspect of being a woman, and the amazing support that can potentially come from the mitzvah of mikva. Kol HAKAVOD.

  • Ilana Dreyer


It was really beautiful, thank you! I especially connected to "Lump at the Lake," "Stand by Me," and the monologue "Reclaiming Mikva" was very powerful.

  • Annie Orenstein, Co-founder & Executive Director at ‎Spotlight On Women, English Project Coordinator at Emunah, Jerusalem


I loved it all and was especially moved by the women who shared problems of infertility and abuse. But also loved the funny ones, like the towel falling…Not growing up religious, I once asked in the mikva if there was a punch card to use and was greeted by howls by the balanit.

  • Amy Feldman


I loved the cast, the place, the dynamic, the relationships. The "Speed dunking in Aruba" was wonderful because I had a speed dunk in the harbor in Croatia that will remain one of my best memories (along with my husband’s non-stop apologizing for the cold during the 45-minute walk back to the boat). Michele Thaler’s story, and more, the way she told it, was wonderful. It took the audience from horror at what happened to her and feeling so sorry [being paralyzed] – to laughing because she allowed us to laugh... "Infertility" was fantastically written and acted…as were pretty much all of the scenes...andthe singing was great…

  • Paula R. Stern, CEO Write Point, Ltd.

​​Just wanted to send you a note telling you how much we enjoyed last evening! The monologues, the musical numbers and the acting was very meaningful and moving. You should continue to go from strength to strength!

  • Karen Guth, Ph.D., Education


Show was absolutely amazing. Meaningful. Provocative. Fun. Great Music!

  • Phyllis Krug, DPT, MS, PT (Mind/body therapist, physical therapist, cardiopulmonary specialist)


Poignant and hysterical.


It was clever, entertaining, moved quickly (never dragged), moving, thought-provoking with overt and covert messages (in the dialogues) and overall positive mikvah messages"

  •  Toby Levy, Ph.D., Individual and Marital Therapist


Many personal, powerful and moving stories, the emotions were true and the laughter was real -- an effective and important use of theater. Kudos to you all!

  •  Joyce Klein,  Director


So moving, so funny, so eye opening. I loved every minute of it!   

  •  Anonymous


Profound and far reaching.

  •  Anonymous


… wonderful and good. I felt that it was a very inspiring, enlightening, meaningful heartfelt evening.   Each story was powerful.

  • Anonymous

I’d also like to see monologues on dunking during fertility treatments, after miscarriage or stillbirth.

  • Anonymous


There was a good range. Hard, sad, funny angles...Well done!

  • Anonymous


It was moving, funny, refined, a special combination. It would have been easy to go to inappropriate places but it didn’t. It was a collection of such special stories. A performance that is important, special and amazing!

  • Anonymous


Was especially moved by “Infertility” and – very sensitive and important (from personal experience). Also “Giyoret” [“Convert”]. All was excellent. 

  • Anonymous

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