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Yael Valier found her Israeli theater beginning in the Raise Your Spirits Theatre company sixteen years ago and has since gone on to write, act, and direct for various Jerusalem companies. In 2016, Yael founded the Jerusalem-based Theater and Theology company, in which she combines her experience in theater and her interest in the beauties and quirks of religion to bring Jerusalem audiences meaningful entertainment both during

productions and in post-performance discussions with the audience. (See for details of her latest production.) 

Yael is a graduate of Stern College and Bryn Mawr College (M.A.). She graduated from Matan’s full-time Ayanot program in 2012, with a concentration in biblical studies. Yael  has been a Think Tank Fellow in the David Cardozo Academy since 2009.

​She teaches drama at Midreshet Emuna V'Omanut and is a voice-actor whose voice you can hear in several current Fox Network Baby TV programs.

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