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Cast and Production Staff

Myra Gutterman, co-producer and original visionary, performance producer and swimming teacher. Her first working concept was The Mikva Monologues, in 2006. (Read more)

Toby Klein Greenwald, co-producer and director, joined her in the editing and writing, and together they morphed it into Mikva the Musical. It includes both music and monologues/dialogues.

(Read more)

Adina Feldman, vocal and music director, choreographer/staging, actress and lead singer (Read more)

Melissa Kay, actress (Read more)


Gabrielle (Gaby) Shine, actress (Read more)


Michele Gray Thaler, actress (Read more)

Ariella Ganz, actress, kalla teacher (Read more)

We thank our previous cast members for their contribution during the development stage:

Malka Abrahams, actress

Sarah Landman, actress, balanit (mikva attendant) /yoetzet halacha (advisor on Jewish law pertaining to nidda and mikva)

Riva Schertzman, accompanist (Read more)

Yael Valier, actress (Read more)

Miriam Wartski, actress (Read more)

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